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When Your Other Half Is Arrested In New Mexico: How To Get Them Back Home Fast

When your other half gets arrested, it's a big shock - no matter what the reason may be. No matter how upset and confused you may be, the overriding emotion is often one of urgency: An urgent feeling of wanting your partner back home again. Fortunately, the state of New Mexico does have a fairly easy way to get your spouse out of jail via the bail bonds process. In this article, you'll learn how New Mexico bail bonds work, and how you can navigate the process as quickly as possible to get your partner back home.

What Are The Options After Your Partner is Arrested?

Once the bail amount is announced to the arrested person, they have several options. The options in New Mexico are:

  • Have their partner or other loved one pay the full bail amount to secure their freedom
  • Have their partner or loved one enter into an agreement with a bail bond agent to secure their freedom
  • Remain in jail until their trial date

Naturally, as the partner of the arrested person you'll want to choose the quickest route to getting them out of jail. This means either posting full bail or using a bail bond agent. If you don't have the money on hand to post the full bail, a bail bondsman is often the best solution.

How Does a Bail Bond Work? 

A bail bond is legally binding document that is executed between a person posting partial bail and a bail bondsman. If your partner is in jail, you will need to contact a bail bondsman as soon as your partner learns how much their bail is. The bail bondsman will then create a contract, stating that you will pay them a percentage of that bail amount directly in exchange for securing release of your partner. This percentage is typically 10 percent in New Mexico.

You will need to sign a contract stating that you are accepting responsibility for the release of your partner, and that you will ensure they appear for their court date. The bail bonds agent requires this contract because they need assurance that your partner will not simply leave town once they are released. If they fail to show up for court, the bail bond agent will be responsible for paying the court the entirety of the bail. The bail bond agent would then, in turn, require you to repay them for those lost funds.

As long as your partner appears for court and the case is decided, the bail bond contract will be completed and you'll have no further financial responsibility to the bail bond agent. Even if your partner is found to be innocent, you will not receive a refund of the 10 percent fee paid to the bail bondsman.

The after-arrest period is a terrifying time when it's your partner sitting in jail. Responsible use of bail bonds can be the best way to get your life back, so call a local bail bonds agent—like those at A+ McCoy's Bail Bonding and other locations—to discuss it today!