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borrowing investment money wisely

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4 Types Of Collateral You Can Use For A Bail Bond

If you want to get out of jail without paying the bail yourself, you can hire a bail bond agent. The benefit of hiring an agent is that you can get out of jail for less money upfront. The downside is that you will still need some cash. If you do not have any money, the good news is that you can use collateral. What types can you use, though? Here are four categories of collateral types that most bail bond agents accept.

1. Vehicles

The first category of collateral you can use for a bail bond is vehicles. You can give a car title to the bail bond agent as your collateral. If you follow the court's orders with everything, you will get the car title back. If you fail to follow the orders, you might lose the vehicle. A bail bond agent will appraise your vehicle before accepting it as collateral. The value must be high enough to use the vehicle as your only collateral.

2. Real Estate

Most agents also accept real estate as collateral, and you can use any form of real estate. You can use land, homes, or even commercial properties that you own. Using real estate will require signing a grant deed or deed of trust over to the bail bond agent. Before using real estate as your collateral, make sure you understand the risks. The main risk is losing the real estate, but you can prevent this by following the instructions of the bail bond agent and court.

3. Electronics

The next category of goods you can use is electronics. A bail bond agent might accept an electronic item if it is current, new, and worth some money. The agent will appraise the items you provide to see if they are worth enough. You can use cellphones, laptops, and most other forms of electronic devices.

4. Jewelry

The fourth common category of collateral you can use for a bail bond is jewelry. Again, the bail bond agent will appraise the items, and you must leave the items with the agent. You will receive the jewelry items back once you complete all the necessary requirements the court sets for your case.

If you need a way out of jail without any money, you can use collateral. To learn more about your bail and collateral options, talk to a local bail bond agent of your choice.